Saturday, October 09, 2010

African Leaders I have Learned from Lately

Arise my brothers! The task is not complete. This is Africa's time. It is time to take up our responsibility to further God's kingdom business in our continent! - Thomas Simubali

To workers in Rwanda: I am praying for you ... I believe God is doing something great and will let your dreams come through before the expected time. You are indeed consumed by a great passion which is commendable before God; but you can only accomplish what God has purposed through you. - Mustapha Sandi

White man, be careful when and where you go! Now is the time for us (Africans) to lead the mission on the ground. Otherwise wrong expectations will arise and the mission may be spoiled. - Cephas Kwambiliwa

We are tired of being controlled by outsiders. Africa has been called the dark continent. Yes, Africa is dark physically and economically. But Africa is the bright continent in spiritual things. - Lawrence Oduro

I had my doubts about Augustine. He had agreed to teach a workshop with me, but every time I called him he sounded sleepy on the phone. Later I talked with him about that. He said, "Well, yes, I go to sleep early in the evening; then I get up at 3 a.m. every morning to worship and pray for three to four hours." - Augustine Kawah-Jones

We have established a mission in Equatorial Guinea. Soon we will begin a branch of our company there. Recently we visited China. When we returned I felt a burden for the people. I believe that God wants us to do something in China. - Douglas Boateng


Laura said...

Sam, thank you for this post including the pictures and words from African Christians you have learned from. I will pray for these men and those with whom they will speak. That they will be filled with the Holy Spirit and prophecy truth in Africa.

John said...

I know and love the first two men. Their work in Zambia and Sierra Leone has impacted me greatly. Thanks for sharing these comments, Sam.

blessednana said...

This was so inspiring and uplifting to read. Sounds like we will be hearing of great things happening in Africa! Praying that God richly blesses the work there. I know you must feel privileged to be part of the great work there.

We are not going to be able to make the retreat in Germany this Nov. The others from here will be going, though.

We certainly enjoyed our time with you last year.

Hope to see you again someday soon.

Karen & Greg Sheppard

blessednana said...

This has been so encouraging to read. Please thank these men for sharing their testimonies. God seems to be richly blessing the work there. Our prayers continue with you.

Karen & Greg