Tuesday, June 05, 1973

Return to Zambia

After two years away,  Nancy and I returned to our mission in Africa with our children this April.  We sailed by ship from New York to Cape Town, South Africa.  Then we traveled by train to Bulawayo, Rhodesia, where were met by my parents, J. C. and Joyce Shewmaker.  We stayed with them a few days while making plans to travel on to Zambia.   In the past we could have traveled by train on to Zambia.  But in January this year, the Rhodesian government closed its border with Zambia because of the incursions of 'freedom fighters' from Zambia into Rhodesia.

We made plans to fly into Lusaka from Francistown, Botswana.  Then we informed our missionary friends in Zambia that we would arrive on April ___ .  Grady and Jan Reed, who had moved to Zambia in 1972, met us at the Lusaka international airport that afternoon and took us to the home of Don and Linda Mechem in Lusaka.  After some shopping the next day, we made the trip by road to Livingstone in the afternoon and then on to Ngwezi after dark that evening.

We turned off the main highway at Simango and had another 40 miles or so to go on the deep sandy road to the northwest.  After an hour or more on that road, Daniel commented that, "Uncle Stan sure has a long driveway."