Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christian School for Nimule

Lauren Zumbrun has just taken on a role with East African Ministries as director to develop a Christian school in the town of Nimule near the border of South Sudan with Uganda.  The school itself is presently under construction and is expected to open in February, 2014.  In the interim, Lauren will be recruiting committed Christians in East Africa to be teachers and administrators in the school.  If you know of someone who would be interested to apply to work in this school, pass the word.

It is amazing how God works.  Nancy and I met with Lauren on Thursday.  As we talked and prayed, we remembered a 10-year-old prayer on Gordon's Hill near Nimule in July, 2003.  In our prayer we promised nothing, but we pledged to be advocates for Sudan and the town of Nimule.  In 2004, God provided a token of His answer to our prayers: Harding University students raised $17,000 to ship a 40 ft. container of medical and school supplies to Nimule.  Since then several missionaries have moved there.

... And now a Christian school!  I remember in one of the refugee camps we visited in 2003, an internally displaced leader who had never had an opportunity for much education, stood up in a meeting of SPLA generals and made a deeply moving statement of hope and desperation.  He said, "If you can find a woman who will come and teach me English, I will wash her dishes and clean her floors."  Wow!  Maybe that request will be fulfilled for his grand-children.  Praise God!