Thursday, June 20, 2002

Big Crowds Expected for Jabulani

Christian Chronicle, June 2002 » Big crowds expected for Jabulani
By Erik Tryggestad

A late July celebration of Africa evangelism will include an appeal to send more Bibles to the ever-growing number of Christians there.
The World Bible Translation Center, overseen by the Richland Hills church, Fort Worth, Texas, will launch another 'Bibles for Africa' project through churches of Christ at Jabulani Africa July 31-Aug.4, said spokesman Roger Massey. The Center, which will be featured on a tour during the Jabulani, provides easy-to-read Bibles worldwide, and distributed 600,000 Bibles in Africa in 2001.
Jabulani coordinator Sam Shewmaker was moving at a frantic pace in June, making arrangements for more than 100 Africans who are planning or hoping to attend. More than 50 of these African Christians and evangelists are on the program for the conference at the Richland Hills church. Africans representing 22 different countries are expected to attend, said Shewmaker, coordinating the event with veteran missionary Wendell Broom.
'Several congregations in north Tarrant County are cooperating to host our African guests ... provide transportation to meet their flights and give them tours of Christian ministries in the area,' Shewmaker said. 'We are expecting Christians from all over the (Dallas/Fort Worth) area to join us at Birdville Stadium for the Sunday morning worship and closing ceremonies ...'
Several area churches are considering joining Richland Hills’ 5,000-plus members by moving their Sunday morning services to the stadium, which seats 12,000, Shewmaker said. A 'Parade of the Nations' multicultural worship service will be part of the event. Childcare will be available for children ages 3 to 8.
'Pre-registration is now at about 400 and climbing fast,' Shewmaker said. Attendees may pre-register online or by calling (501) 279-4058.
'This will help us in planning and logistics,' Shewmaker said. 'But walk-ins will also be welcome.'