Sunday, February 28, 2010

Resting in a Quiet Place

Sometimes it is just good to get away to a quiet place and rest for a while. That's true even if it takes while to get there. Last week was just such a time. Five men of our team in Rwanda, joined by a couple of visiting friends, traveled from Kigali all the way across Uganda 450 miles to western Kenya for three days of rest, renewal and recharging our spiritual batteries. We met at Rondo, a Christian retreat center in the Kakamega National Forest. It was a quiet time to spend in the word, in prayer and reconnecting with God's creation.

We joined other 20 other missionary men from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda for a time of fellowship, sports, table games, discussions of our ministries, worship and spiritual nurturing from the gospel of Matthew. Dr. Mark Love of Rochester College led our times in the word.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

DMM Retreat

Last weekend was a powerful and historic event for our team in Rwanda. We met for two days of prayer and beginning the development of a five-year plan for making disciples of Jesus all over Rwanda and beyond among the Banyarwanda, that is the people who consider themselves of Rwandan origin. They are about 20-25 million people worldwide.

The eight families, several singles and visitors added up to 39 who met to pray, to join one of four 'taskforces' to develop our objectives to reach every district (30) in Rwanda with some form of service, training, empowerment and the good news of salvation and hope in Jesus.

Now you are probably wondering, 'What is DMM?' Well, it is what we pray and plan will become a 'disciple-making movement.' Rwanda is highly 'churched', but we believe that we and many others whom God shall call, need to become true obedient disciples of Jesus.