Saturday, February 25, 2012

Powerful Redemptive Stories from Rwanda

It was great to have our Kinyarwanda language teacher, Felix Hagenimana, with us during the Christmas holidays in December. Among other functions, we invited him over to our offices at Missions Resource Network. While there he was willing for us to video tape his story of living through the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda. It is a very powerful story as is that of so many of our friends in Rwanda. No one who lived in the country at the time was unaffected by that national tragedy.

It is an important goal of mine to record for history some of these stories that show God's redemptive power in the aftermath of that dark season of Rwanda's history. God never abandoned the people of Rwanda though Satan wreaked terrible horror. These stories need to be told, heard and remembered. I have begun recording the stories. It will take at least two years for me to complete the project. If you are interested in what will be a book, please push me and hold me accountable to get it done.