Sunday, February 15, 2009

ATN Begins to Touch a Community

God is bringing together a growing mission/service corps in our part of Kigali, Rwanda: more people, new ideas, fresh energy and greater service in our neighborhood and the nation.
The Xtra Mile Ministry has been reaching out to communities of genocide orphans for more than a year in various districts in different parts of Rwanda. The ministry has become 'family' to many who have no biological family by showing these young folks that they are not forgotten. Last month the Xtra Mile Ministry introduced its Educational Initiative to assist genocide orphans in funding their university education by arranging employment and scholarships for them to go to school part time.

The government of Rwanda has mandated that all primary and secondary school teachers from Grade 1 and up must be able to teach in English beginning in January, 2010. This has produced a huge incentive to learn English, and an opportunity for Africa Transformation Network to assist teachers and other professionals in attaining English proficiency.

This week, under Nancy's direction, ATN unveils a sewing course pilot project aimed ultimately for marginalized women who need sewing and craft-making as well as business skills to develop income-generating small businesses and cooperatives.
By April 1 we plan to begin offering three levels of courses in Computer Training led by Murphy Crowson and small business courses organized and taught by David Kimbrow.

Each of these ministries is designed to attract and empower people who have the potential to impact others in holistic ways; to effect transformation of individuals, families and neighborhoods spiritually, socially and economically in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ. By serving we gain the right to speak.