Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Pilgrimage on the Backroads of Kenya

Let the reader beware, this is going to be a rather long and detailed post in several sections. It will also be rather reflective about where I am in the struggles of the kingdom.

Shangri-la on the Kenya Coast - Nancy and I arrived back on the Bright Continent on November 22, 2010, after several weeks in the U. S. After one night in Nairobi we flew down to be with our old friends, Jim and Laura Reppart for Thanksgiving in Malindi on the coast. It was a relaxed time to catch up on each other’s lives, experience some of the Caris Foundation’s programs there and get over jetlag before moving on to western Kenya.

Thanksgiving with Jim, Laura and Jane

That Friday afternoon, we flew back to Nairobi in time to meet our friend and co-worker, Mustapha Sandi of Sierra Leone who has been working in Zambia for the last couple of years. We stayed two nights at the Mennonite Guesthouse in Westlands as we have so many times over the past 30 years or more, so we could do some repacking as we prepared to head west on Sunday morning for a four–day workshop on disciple making and church planting.

Then late that night, we got a one-line email from our older son Dan in Arizona. The subject line was ‘Marcus Accident’. The message said, ‘Marcus [our younger son] has broken his femur – prayer please. He is in good spirits. In surgery now. More details to follow soon.’ Details were slow in coming and because of the time difference, it was hard to find a time we could talk. We didn’t have a phone that could work internationally. We did manage to get Dan on Skype the next morning but he knew little about Marcus’ condition. All we could do was pray. We knew as we left the guesthouse there would be little opportunity to email or even find an internet connection for most of the next ten days. So our anxiety level was high. To be continued ...

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